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Village of Inalåhan benefits from GVB Color Wave project

Village of Inalåhan benefits from GVB Color Wave project

Korean artists work with Mayor’s Office to finish new mural

(Inalåhan, Guam) The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB), in partnership with the Inalåhan mayor’s office, announced the completion of a new mural painted by four well-known Korean artists.

As part of GVB’s Guam Color Wave project, the artists were tasked with capturing the iconography of the southern village and interpreting it in their own unique artistic style. The mural is located next to the Papa Niyok store and depicts Guam’s natural wildlife, CHamoru culture, and GVB’s current marketing campaign in Korea — #GuamAgain.

“We are proud of the work these talented artists have done to beautify Inalåhan and thank Mayor Chargualaf for showing them some southern hospitality,” said GVB President & CEO Carl T.C. Gutierrez. “It is these types of partnerships that bridge what tourism does for our island and source markets. The mural project is a perfect example of how visitors are inspired by our local culture and how our community can welcome them with open arms.”

“The people of Inalåhan are grateful for GVB and the Korean artists. We have been working hard to keep our village clean and ready to promote tourism in the south. This project adds another point of interest for everyone that we welcome down here. We thank GVB for supporting the mayors and villages and look forward to more projects that promote the south,” said Inalåhan Mayor Tony Chargualaf.

Following the Guam Eco Wave in 2018 and now the Guam Color Wave in 2022, GVB looks forward to continuing to collaborate with artists to create new photo spots for visitors and foster cultural exchange between Guam and South Korea.

About the artists

The four Korean artists that GVB had brought to Guam all come from different backgrounds and artistic practices. Mr. Kim Gun Joo, a silkscreen artist who painted the Inalåhan pools diving platform in 2018, painted another mural depicting the endemic Guam rail or Ko’ko’ alongside other iconic Guam images and the greeting “Welcome to Inalåhan.” Ms. Lee Min Kyung is an illustration artist that has partnered with several consumer brands. Her mural in light and bright colors includes the local kingfisher or sihek. Ms. Lee Sool is a hand painter and art director famous for her previous collaborations with Naver and K-pop artist album designs. She used her whimsical, cartoon style to depict scenic island life in the Inalåhan mural. And lastly, Mr. Lee Jae Ho is a collage pop artist specializing in vivid artwork. He used his signature pictograph style to portray the legendary Chief Gadao.

Follow the artists on Instagram - Kim Gun Joo (@gjdrawing), Lee Min Kyung (@drawingmary),  Lee Sool (@slowslowyislow) and Lee Jae Ho (@275c_life).

Top row (L-R) - Kim Gun Joo, artist; Ms. Lee Min Kyung, artist; Honorable Anthony P. Chargualaf, mayor of Inalåhan; Soijin Park, GVB Korea Sales & Marketing Coordinator; Lee Sool, artist; and Cho Yeonji, assistant. Bottom row (L-R) - Lee Kyung Min, assistant; Lee Minji, assistant; Lee Jaeho, artist; and Kim Ji Won, assistant.

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