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Board of Directors

Milton Morinaga

Chairman of the Board
Governor Appointed Director

Air Service Development – Chairman
Taiwan Market – Chairman
Japan Market – Chairman


Vice Chairman of the Board
Governor Appointed Director


Samuel Shinohara

Treasurer of the Board
12th Director Appt by Board

Destination Management/Visitor Safety & Satisfaction – Chairman
Reopening Task Force - Chairman

Jeffrey Jones

Secretary of the Board
Membership Elected Director

Research/Membership – Chairman
North America, Pacific and Philippine Markets – Vice Chairman

P. Sonny Ada

Executive Committee Member
Governor Appointed Director

Taiwan Market – Vice Chairman
New Markets –Chairman


Flori-Anne Dela Cruz

Governor Appointed (Youth) Director

New Markets – Vice Chairwoman


Laura Nelson-Cepeda

Legislative Appointed Director

Cultural Heritage, Community Outreach & Branding – Chairwoman
Administration & Government - Vice Chairwoman


Ho S. Eun

Legislative Appointed Director

Korea Market – Chairman


Rudy Paco

Mayors Council Appointed Director

Destination Management/Visitor Safety & Satisfaction – Vice Chairman


George Chiu

Membership Elected Director

Sports & Events - Chairman


Ben Ferguson

Membership Elected Director

Korea Market - Vice Chairman
Reopening Task Force – Vice Chairman


Akihiro Tani

Membership Elected Director

Japan Market - Vice Chairman


Derrick Muna-Quinata

Legislative Appointed Director (Alternate)

Administration & Government – Chairman


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