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COVID-19 Signage Guidelines




As Guam reopens public areas and businesses, the Guam Visitors Bureau is committed to keeping island residents, visitors, and our business community safe. The COVID-19 Safety Signage guidelines serve as a tool to support local businesses and organizations in the promotion of health and safety protocols within their establishments.


Use of these guidelines will:

  • Provide a recognizable health and safety communications protocol for Guam that will remain consistent and identifiable.
  • Provide local business organizations with a suite of standard high-resolution signage artwork that can be easily downloaded and installed as needed.
  • Raise awareness about the health and safety protocols in place and remind locals and visitors that Guam is a safe, family-friendly destination.

Usage Restrictions


To promote consistent and recognizable communications, the COVID-19 safety signage artwork is restricted to the following guidelines:

  • Do not resize, crop, or manipulate the artwork in any way.
  • Signage design is the intellectual property of the A.B. Won Pat International Airport and has been permitted for Guam Visitors Bureau to use and to be extended with its partners. Therefore, addition of business or personal logos and text is prohibited.
  • Signage design is available in high-resolution EPS and PDF file formats in various standard sizes and can be enlarged or reduced when printed.
  • Do not add translated text on the artwork. The graphic icons were designed with simplicity in mind and meant to be universally recognized. The use of universal icons limits the need to include text translations that would potentially clutter the artwork and distract from the ideas conveyed.

Click the button below to submit the GVB Covid-19 Signage Toolkit Application Form.

GVB COVID-19 5x7 Face Mask Required

GVB COVID-19 5x7 Please Wait for Counter to Clear

GVB COVID-19 5x7 Practice Social Distancing

GVB COVID-19 5x7 Prevent the Spread

GVB COVID-19 5x7 Thermal Screening

GVB COVID-19 5x7 Wash Hands

GVB COVID-19 5x7 Your Safety is Our Priority

GVB COVID-19 8.5x11 Face Mask Required

GVB COVID-19 8.5x11 Please Wait for Counter to Clear

GVB COVID-19 8.5x11 Practice Social Distancing

GVB COVID-19 8.5x11 Prevent the Spread

GVB COVID-19 8.5x11 Thermal Screening

GVB COVID-19 8.5x11 Wash Hands

GVB COVID-19 8.5x11 Your Safety is Our Priority

GVB COVID-19 12in Floor Sticker


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