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Guam Medical Association provides clinics listing for stranded visitors

Guam Medical Association provides clinics listing for stranded visitors

(Tumon, Guam) The Guam Visitors Bureau (GVB) has requested the assistance of the Guam Medical Association (GMA) to provide an available list of medical providers who can assist with stranded visitors impacted by Typhoon Mawar.

In a letter, GVB President & CEO Carl T.C. Gutierrez reached out to GMA President Dr. Thomas Shieh on the urgent need of these visitors who are in need of medical attention.

“Our trajectory of 70% pre-COVID recovery has just been derailed by Typhoon Marwa. Along with this impact is the consequence to our tourists who have spent money to come and enjoy our destination,” stated President & CEO Gutierrez. “Can you assist GVB in facilitating access to, and medical service from, the list of clinics that the Guam Medical Association has identified?”

In response, Dr. Shieh promptly wrote back to President Gutierrez with the requested list and stated that GMA will do their very best to serve island residents and the stranded tourist population.

“Your organization’s strong effort in promoting Guam is evident through post Covid and appreciate your concerns for the health and safety for the stranded tourists,” stated Dr. Shieh. “On behalf of our members, we will assist. Here is the current short listing of clinics who can help with urgent healthcare needs of tourists. Some will have limited access, but others will have open access with no appointments to their urgent care.”

The following clinics below can provide immediate assistance to visitors:

American Medical Clinic – (671) 647-8262
Seventh Day Adventist Clinic (671) 646-8881
Guam Medical Care (671) 647-4174
Guam Radiology Center (671) 649-1001
Dr. Shieh’s Clinic & Associates (671) 648-2229
One Love Pediatrics – (671) 588-1588
MPG Pediatrics - (671) 648-5437
Lombard Medical - (671) 989-4747
The Neurology Clinic - (671) 646-6463
FHP Medical Clinic (671) 646-5825

“We want to thank Dr. Shieh and the GMA team for rising to the occasion and extending destination hospitality to our guests. We will continue to work with tourism partners as we move forward with post storm recovery efforts,” added Gutierrez.

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